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Answer riddles to win an Ipad Mini

The Game


During nine weeks, a riddle will be released every week. To enter the competition, you must answer a riddle correctly which will get you one entry into the raffle to win an Ipad Mini.

Each participant can play on all of the nine riddles, which corresponds to a maximum number of nine entries per participant into the raffle.

An incorrect answer will then disqualify the participant for the current riddle played, however it does not disqualify him/her to play on the subsequent 8 riddles.

To answer a riddle, a participant must reply on    or   as well as following the company account on the given social media (Twitter or Linkedin).

If a participant answers to the same riddle on both Twitter and Linkedin, only one entry will be counted.

First Riddle

Second Riddle

Third Riddle


Fourth Riddle

Fifth Riddle

Sixth Riddle

Seventh Riddle

Final Riddle

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