16,000 Km covered by our community of incredible people raising a total of £6,000 for charity.

4 Teams - 4 Charities - 4,000Km - £6,000 Raised

On the 20th September, we teamed up with MyVirtualMission to challenge our community of incredible people to a 4,000km virtual race for charity. Nearly 200 people took part and were split into 4 teams depending on their 4 respective perimeters: Actemium Industrial Perimeter, Actemium Automation Perimeter, Omexom UK Perimeter and Axians UK Perimeter.

The teams raced along our pre-designed 4,000km route which linked key Omexom, Axians and Actemium locations around the UK & RoI. Their positions in the race determined their chosen charity’s share of the £6000 prize money.

We’re happy to confirm that all teams have now crossed the finishing line securing the following donations to their chosen charities.

  • 1ST: Omexom UK Perimeter – TIME TO COMPLETE: 9D,13H,55M – £2,000 charity donation secured for Mind
  • 2ND: Actemium Automation Perimeter – TIME TO COMPLETE: 16D,15H,16M – £1,750 donation secured for NSPCC
  • 3RD: Actemium Industrial Perimeter – TIME TO COMPLETE: 26D,10H,58M – £1,250 donation secure for Electrical Industries Charity
  • 4TH: Axians UK Perimeter – TIME TO COMPLETE: 28D,7H,30M – £1,000 donation secured for Macmillan Cancer Support

Image: some of our incredible people racking up the kilometers

Image: The Incredible Journey’s milestones

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