5 ways VINCI Energies is upgrading your world

Whatever their specialism – industrial, energy infrastructure or ICT, our expert engineers at VINCI Energies UK & RoI are working towards the same goal: to connect us all for a better future. But what does that mean in practice? Here are five specific ways we are delivering the promises of the digital and energy revolutions.

1. Ensuring faster and more reliable connectivity

The cloud has become an essential part of modern working life. It refers to software and services, such as Google Docs, that run on the Internet instead of locally on your computer. Traditional wide-area networks are not fast or agile enough to properly support it, so software-defined wide-area networks (SD-WAN) have become essential in a cloud-centric world.

Our Axians SD-WAN solution applies a formulated network model that helps businesses along their digital transformation and keep up with market demands. We deliver optimal cloud application that not only improves user experience but champions threat prevention and simplifies IT management.

2. Protecting infrastructure from cybersecurity breaches

Cybersecurity breaches can come in various forms, from targeted cyber-attacks or malicious insiders to something as simple as human error e.g. weak passwords. The results can include loss of assets and revenue, loss of production, reputational damage and breach of data.

Our Cougar Automation business unit provides a survey of industrial control systems and a security-risk assessment that can then be used to prioritise technical defences and policy development. Our expert knowledge of control systems and cybersecurity means that we can work with manufacturing clients to implement robust security measures appropriate for their production environment.

3. Optimising industrial processes

Automation is revolutionising industry. Not only does it eliminate human error and improve safety but it generates consistent results and improves metrics, ultimately cutting business costs.

With combined expertise from our Actemium Automation, QSI Group and Cougar Automation business units, we are one of the largest automation providers in the UK, offering advanced and reliable automation solutions and integrated system services.

4. Improving energy efficiency

Energy prices are one of the costliest operational expenditures for industrial companies. Furthermore, energy legislation is changing and becoming more restrictive. As a result, more and more manufacturers are turning to energy management systems.

Our Actemium business units have the expertise to deliver a complete energy efficiency offering. As a result, our manufacturing customers can measure the energy consumption of their production processes, enabling them to document, manage and optimise their energy performance.

5. Facilitating the provision of greener energy

Concerns over climate change and resource depletion are driving large-scale changes in the way our energy is produced. Last year renewable energy generation capacity surpassed fossil fuels for the first time in the UK.

Our Omexom business units are easing the transition to cleaner, greener energy by working with national and local energy providers to upgrade the electric grid, enabling it to incorporate new sources of energy, such as wind or solar farms.

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