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3 Questions to Rochdi Ziyat, Chief Executive Officer of VINCI Energies UK & RoI

3 Questions to Rochdi Ziyat, Chief Executive Officer of VINCI Energies UK & RoI.


How are the markets of energy and information technologies in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland ?

Both the energy and information technologies markets in the UK & RoI are thriving , particularly thanks to  the emergence of new technologies,  the desire from energy producers, manufacturer and businesses to become more efficient and greener but also the change in demand from the end consumers.

We see a rising demand for Smart solutions within our three business lines: in energy infrastructure with the need for a more managed and sustainable use of electricity (rise of energy storage, demand-response and sustainable energies); in Industry, manufacturers require a more connected, automated and more energy efficient factory; and finally in Information Communication technologies where connectivity and cyber security have never been more crucial than today.

How does VINCI Energies UK & RoI address these markets?

I believe that our very peculiar business model is our main key factor of success: the fact that our business model is decentralised empowers all our people and businesses. All of our business units are autonomous and close to their customers, their agility empower them to surf on the waves of the market and their solutions.

In the UK & RoI, we have 16 business units in three main business lines: industrial sector, the ICT and the energy infrastructure sector. That model allows us to have specialised business units in every market sector of our customers with different solutions and technologies. These entities are all part of a network of business units, not only in the UK & RoI but in the whole group of VINCI Energies, enabling each BU to leverage on their knowledge in order to bringing the best offers to their customers permitting them to be leaders in their sectors.


What are the biggest trends for energy and information technologies in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland?

Clearly today, in both countries and all over Europe, the biggest trends are energy transition and digital transformation. Wherever we go in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland, the energy is of crucial importance. The changes in production, transformation and transport of energy to the consumers are key topics for all our grid operators. Where, before we used to produce electricity in some power plant, today we’re producing it elsewhere on a wind farm, and therefore there is a considerable change in terms of the management and transport of this cleaner energy.

The second part is digital transformation which revolutionise business activities, processes and competencies. As part of this digital transformation, the rise of new technologies and connectivity has enabled the generation of a massive amount of data, almost everything we use today produces data. The monitoring and the use of these data are crucial to permit businesses becoming more efficient thus enable them to gain a competitive edge.

Our mission is to deliver the promises of energy transition and the digital transformation to our industrial and ICT customers as well as the grid operators in the UK & RoI. Therefore, our specialist Business units optimise industrial factories, our specialists in ICT technologies enable the network operators to design, deliver and secure their communication networks whilst our HV specialists enable grid operators to design, deliver and optimise their national grid.

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