In the United Kingdom & Republic of Ireland

VINCI Energies UK & RoI

Providing Electrical, Mechanical and ICT engineering services since 1907 in the UK & RoI

What we do

At VINCI Energies, we provide the engineering that connects the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland’s electrical, communication and industrial networks.

We support the energy grid, delivering and managing power across the UK and RoI, and we improve the energy efficiency of business. We optimise factories’ internal networks through the smart industry revolution and deliver innovative solutions for automation. Last but not least, our local specialists enable the UK and RoI’s ICT networks, supporting secure communications of voice, video and data.

How we do it

VINCI Energies UK & RoI is a growing network of engineer-led, agile business units. Each business unit is autonomous and specialised to local customer and sector needs. They have the added advantage of being backed by VINCI Energies’ global network of engineering expertise and specialists, strengthening the service they provide to customers.


VINCI Energies UK & RoI in numbers:


Why are we different

Cutting-edge engineering expertise

VINCI Energies has leading expertise in electrical, automation and ICT engineering, delivering UK and RoI infrastructure.

  • Each of our business units is specialised to a sector and particular need.
  • We bring specialist knowledge from across our national and international network.
  • VINCI Energies can deliver multiple elements of any project, anywhere in the UK and RoI.

As an international business, we know the value of engineers.

  • We wish to see more young people in the UK, particularly women, become engineers.
  • So we are playing a growing role in building the pipeline of engineers.
  • For example, we are partnering with a new University Technology College near our UK HQ in Solihull, to help deliver more engineers in our area.

Decentralised network of specialist businesses

VINCI Energies UK and RoI has an innovative way of doing business.

  • We are a network of autonomous, entrepreneur led specialised units, empowered to deliver and grow.
  • Our UK success is built on our business units – each the size of an SME.
  • Each is responsible for its own financial and business planning, marketing and strategy.
  • Each business unit works under the banner of one of VINCI Energies’ business brands.

VINCI Energies UK and RoI supports this network through senior advice, and agreeing strategy and planning.

  • Our business units have local knowledge, yet draw on other expertise and specialist knowledge within our global network.
  • Any businesses we acquire maintain their management autonomy, building on their strengths.

Connecting the UK’s energy and communications networks

VINCI Energies plays a key role in some of the largest infrastructure and industrial projects in the UK and RoI.

  • Our Omexom business builds energy networks for the future, enabling the development of a low carbon power grid in the UK and RoI.
  • Our Axians business enables data providers to deliver solutions which are redefining our economy and the way we lead our lives.
  • Our Actemium business connects operations at the UK’s industrial plants, supporting growth and modernisation of UK manufacturing.

VINCI Energies UK and RoI believes the increasing importance of these areas to the economy allow us to substantially build our business.

  • VINCI Energies UK and RoI plays a substantial role in upgrading infrastructure to deliver a low carbon future, the internet of things and integrated, smart industry (Industry 4.0).

A business growth success story

VINCI Energies has grown significantly in the UK and RoI since 2011.

  • Our revenue has grown by 528% over this period to £132 million in 2018.
  • We now have over 950 employees in the UK and RoI, compared to 200 in 2011.
  • Growth comes through acquisitions and new business.
  • The innovative way we run our business, and the entrepreneurial nature of our business units, have been critical to this growth.

VINCI Energies recognises the economic growth of the UK and RoI, the strength of their markets and the talent of British and Irish engineers as reasons to grow our business further.

  • We have ambitious plans for the future and believe we can continue to grow VINCI Energies UK and RoI to new heights over the next five years.
  • Our plans build on 100 years of history in the UK.

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