During our recent Sharing Success Seminar, we had the privilege to award our annual Apprentice and Graduate of the year awards.

There is a strong internal competition for these awards and as all of our Apprentices and Graduates are extremely deserving, it is incredibly difficult to select a winner each year. Thus, the bar is set very high and winning this award is a great achievement in our apprentices and graduates’ careers. The criteria are not only based around the performance and expertise of the individual, they are also centered around our values. The winners of such awards are individuals who epitomise these values on a daily basis (Integrity & Responsibility; Innovation & Entrepreneurship; Trust & Empowerment; Team Spirit & Generosity).


Winner of the 2017 VINCI Energies UK & RoI Apprentice of the Year Award - Jack Hodgson (Meldrum Ltd)

Jack is a valued member of his team who has developed into a competent apprentice encountering many different installation methods within a difficult and stringent environment.

Thanks to his calm manner and professionalism, he has now been given more responsibilities in direct contact with the client. Jack has been earmarked to become involved in project management in the foreseeable future but is also seen as having the right traits to become involved in tendering processes.

He is now in his stage 4 of the JTL apprenticeship scheme and his new responsibilities involve lodging away from home Monday to Friday, something again he has taken in his stride.

Winner of the 2017 VINCI Energies UK & RoI Graduate of the Year Award - Juan Lopez (Actemium Walsall)

Juan has had an outstanding contribution to the company. He has continued to build strong relationships internally and carefully built great working relationships with his growing base of customers based on his professional approach, attention to detail and delivering projects on time.

The control of his projects remain impeccable with a very good understanding of financial elements resulting in successful projects. He works well both as an individual or a team player and he continually uses his initiative to develop and improve new and existing systems which he feels will make the work of our engineers easier.  Juan has also taken on a mentoring role for our new graduate, assisting him to make the transition from University to life within VINCI Energies.

He has now progressed and developed into an integral part of the team where he not only manages his work/projects but is also assisting other engineers with respect to CAD drawings and cable calculations.

Juan is now completing the VINCI Energies UK & RoI Graduate Advancement Programme which is specifically designed to provide a fast-track path from Graduate to Contract Engineer within 2 years.

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