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05 SEP 2019

Foundation VINCI UK Foundation awards local charities £200k to tackle social exclusion

VINCI businesses across the UK and Ireland will combine the skills of staff with financial assistance to collaborate with local charities in improving social integration and cohesion.

22 AUG 2019

Blog Piece 6 facts you didn’t know about Electric Vehicles

It seems almost every day there is a step forward for electric vehicles. This is an incredibly exciting time for the industry as a whole, and for VINCI Energies, which is working with clients to make this new world possible. Here are six things you probably didn't know about electric vehicles.

08 AUG 2019

Blog Piece 5 reasons to install EV charging for your employees

Thinking of implementing workplace EV charging at your site? The financial, environmental and reputational rewards are well worth the investment.

02 AUG 2019

Blog Piece The right way to introduce EV charging infrastructure

The biggest barrier to installing EV (electric vehicle) charging at a workplace is not the actual infrastructure but the planning. EV expert Giles Benbow explains how, through early-stage consulting and practical help, Actemium can make the transition simple.

25 JUL 2019

Blog Piece 6 lesser-known energy storage technologies available today

Conventional batteries aren’t the only way to store energy. Here are some of the lesser known forms of energy storage that are currently helping to power our world…

18 JUL 2019


As the energy storage industry steams ahead in the deployment of lithium ion batteries, Tom Campbell, Business Unit General Manager of Connections at Omexom UK & RoI, asks whether we are ignoring the potential of other energy storage technologies.