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05 MAR 2020


Demand for electric vehicles is gaining momentum – but in order to replace petrol and diesel fueled vehicles, the nation’s electric infrastructure needs to be supercharged.

25 FEB 2020

Blog Piece Automation and then some….

While the integration of control systems remains at the core of VINCI Energies automation businesses in the UK & RoI, several new services are helping clients to reach new levels of safety, efficiency and reliability. Head of the automation perimeter Derek Burton explains how.

06 FEB 2020

Blog Piece 3 ways automation keeps our world turning

Far from being a futuristic phenomenon, automation is all around us, making the world a better place by ensuring the quality, safety and reliability of the infrastructure we rely on every day – without us even noticing.

22 JAN 2020

Blog Piece What happens in a Smart Factory?

Through a complex interplay of devices, software and automation processes, a smart factory constantly adapts to real-world factors with minimum human input.

15 JAN 2020

Blog Piece 5 ways smart industry can boost UK manufacturing

Contrary to perception, the UK manufacturing sector is already on the rise thanks to increased investments in skills and technology. By taking a lead in automation and networking, the UK could accelerate this growth even further still.

15 JAN 2020

Foundation VINCI UK Foundation awards £7,200 to Canley Community Centre to help drive healthy eating habits

Canley Community Centre in Coventry has received £7,200 from the VINCI UK Foundation for a new kitchen so it can run healthy eating and cooking classes that help local residents eat well on a budget.