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15 JAN 2020

Blog Piece 5 ways smart industry can boost UK manufacturing

Contrary to perception, the UK manufacturing sector is already on the rise thanks to increased investments in skills and technology. By taking a lead in automation and networking, the UK could accelerate this growth even further still.

15 JAN 2020

Foundation VINCI UK Foundation awards £7,200 to Canley Community Centre to help drive healthy eating habits

Canley Community Centre in Coventry has received £7,200 from the VINCI UK Foundation for a new kitchen so it can run healthy eating and cooking classes that help local residents eat well on a budget.

09 JAN 2020

Foundation VINCI UK Foundation opens applications for 2020 funding to charities tackling social exclusion

The VINCI UK Foundation invites charities across the UK and Republic of Ireland to apply for grants that will help them improve access to employment, mobility and housing for people suffering from social exclusion.

04 DEC 2019

Blog Piece How a Smart Grid Works

By introducing sensors in our homes and places of work – known as smart meters – utility companies receive real-time data about energy use to better prepare and model future demand. As sensors become cheaper and the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes widespread, utilities are adding more sophisticated technologies to the power grid – known as a smart grid.

20 NOV 2019

Blog Piece Smart grids: How energy is becoming more intelligent

Over the next 30 years, changes to the way we produce and consume electricity will have a significant impact on our grid infrastructure. Spencer Thompson, Business Development Director at VINCI Energies, discusses how smart grids are providing the solution…

13 NOV 2019

Foundation VINCI UK Foundation awards £10,000 to Arts4Wellbeing

The Welsh branch of Arts4Wellbeing – a charity that provides arts and crafts sessions to help alleviate social exclusion – has received funding from the VINCI UK Foundation to increase the number of pop-up studios in rural South Wales.