VINCI UK Foundation

The VINCI UK Foundation supports initiatives that promote social cohesion, fights exclusion and isolation in the UK and the Republic of Ireland by combining the skills of VINCI staff, together with financial assistance, to be a long term partner of the community.

Four areas of action to fight exclusion

Access to employment

The UK Foundation aims to support projects which help those individuals currently excluded from the job market to adapt to the working world, whilst at the same time receiving training they may need. The Foundation supports organisations that target integration through economic activity; sheltered and adapted work structures for the disabled, and organisations fostering school leavers (literacy, basic skills training, etc.).

Integration through housing

The UK Foundation encourages projects that enable access to housing for the most underprivileged individuals, helping the homeless, poorly housed and those at risk of eviction to provide more security and stability. The Foundation also supports projects favouring social diversity and participatory housing.

Inclusive mobility

The UK Foundation supports initiatives that provide people with easier access to secure employment, health care and education by improving the mobility of individuals deprived of means of transportation, and reduce the factors restricting their mobility.

Building better communities

The UK Foundation provides support to organisations that act to build social ties. This also includes fighting isolation and social exclusion among citizens of underprivileged neighbourhoods, elderly and youth social groups (workshops, academic support, neighbourhood events, literacy centres,  sports and culture).


Over the last three years, the VINCI UK Foundation supported 67 projects in total and granted over £565K in funding. Each project receive not only financial support between £3,000 and £20,000, but also human support from a VINCI employee.

What makes VINCI UK Foundation truly unique is indeed the involvement of 1 to 3 sponsors in each project. The charity will benefit from the experience and skills of these employees from VINCI businesses supporting the Foundation (VINCI Energies UK and RoI, VINCI Construction UK, Freyssinet, Nuvia, Eurovia, Bachy Soletanche, VINCI Construction Grands Projets).

Projects receiving support include:
  • Addiction Northern Ireland – £12,000 towards training and support for those suffering substance and alcohol dependency. The VINCI sponsor will use her HR skills to lead workshops on CV preparation and interview technique for recovering addicts.
  • Foundation Enterprises North West (FENW) – Cheshire-based group receives £10,000 to transform an existing kitchen to provide a medical room and create a brand new kitchen where hot meals can be prepared and residents can learn about food and nutrition and improve their cookery and life skills as part of work to help homeless people transition into safer living arrangements. The sponsor will donate IT-expertise, as well as day-to-day support.
  • Yateley Industries – a £10,000 grant will support building and furnishing of apartments for disabled people. .
  • Brainwave – a £11,000 grant will support the building of a sensory integration room specially designed for children diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum.
  • Colombus School and College –  a £7,000 grant will be used to erect new fences and gates, install benches and build an additional wheelchair-accessible pathway.

You can find information about the on-going projects throughout the year in our Projects Archive: HERE

The VINCI UK Foundation will make a material difference to the lives of the most excluded in society across the UK and Republic of Ireland and help to strengthen communities in both countries. Backing from VINCI’s expert employees, in addition to generous funding grants, sets the VINCI UK Foundation apart as a supporter of community cohesion

Rochdi Ziyat CEO, VINCI Energies UK & RoI

VINCI’s £12,000 donation towards a Drug & Alcohol Mobile Unit will enable Addiction Northern Ireland to better respond to those most in need and allow us to raise awareness at the heart of local communities. The additional support of our VINCI Sponsor will enable individuals in recovery to receive support and guidance in developing skills and confidence to return to the workplace.

Thelma Albernethy CEO, Addiction Northern Ireland

This £10,000 grant will enable us to support people rough sleeping in Cheshire, providing them with hot food and giving them the chance to learn about nutrition and gain new cooking skills. “Support from our partner at VINCI will include career advice and work-site visits for our participants, which will be a real boost to their confidence and future prospects.

John Marsland Service Manager, Foundation Enterprises North West

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