Christina Moreno

Interview with Christina Moreno - Project Manager at Cougar Automation

  1. What is your job title? How long have you been in that role?

My job title is Project Manager and I have been in that position since January 2014 at Cougar Automation. A total of 4 years up to now.

  1. In a paragraph, what does your job involve?

Designing of Industrial Control systems and running a team of systems engineers to develop those systems. Multi Project planning, budget control and capacity planning. Management of sub-contractors for both new equipment and onsite corrective actions. Creation of requirements, functional design, software design, test and installation documentation. Development of PLC, HMI and SCADA systems and undertaking onsite installation.

  1. What is your favourite part of your job?

I like different parts of my job but I especially enjoy the feeling of achievement when we complete challenging projects. Also, to get positive feedback from our customer is very rewarding.

  1. What did you study? Where? How did you start your career?

I studied a degree in Electronics Engineering in La Rioja, Spain and a Masters degree in Automatic Control Systems in the same place.

I started to work in a small company in my hometown, but I wanted to learn more about technology and work in bigger companies. I needed to improve my English and that’s why I came to UK and started my career as a Systems Engineer here.

  1. When did you decide you wanted to become an engineer?

I have always had a lot of curiosity about how things work and I’m passionate about technology. I love everything related with computers, robots, …I wanted to be able to understand and programme it myself!

  1. Are engineers in the UK regarded with as much respect as, for example, lawyers or doctors?

I think that there is a problem with the terminology, as I’ve heard plumbers, builders and electricians call themselves engineers which, in other countries like Spain, they might not do it. I have great respect for those occupations but in a true engineering context I see them more as technicians and undertaking in-depth analysis.

Engineers should be respected in the same way as lawyers or doctors; engineering is associated with ingenuity, hard work and intelligence. But I think that in other European countries engineers have more respect than in the UK. In Germany you need to be registered to practice as an engineer, like doctors, and in Italy, you even get a title, they call you Engineer instead of Miss.