Empowering our Employees


Here at VINCI Energies UK, we focus special attention on developing your skills and career goals. As a VINCI Energies Employee, you will have the opportunity to regularly discuss your career goals with a supervisor in one of our ‘personal management interviews’.

These one-to-one sessions are used to set objectives for the coming year and to build mutual trust and understanding between the employer and the employee. It is an opportunity to work with the company so that we can better understand your aspirations, helping you to develop your career into the future. This makes it possible for the needs of the group to match the aspirations of each individual employee.

Training at VINCI Energies

We consider employee training to be an essential investment so no matter what stage of your career you are in, there are always opportunities to learn and grow with VINCI Energies. Our generous training programs allow us to strengthen our Business Units, allowing our teams to address the current challenges and prepare for the future.

In 2015 alone, VINCI Energies employees took part in over a million hours of training!

The VINCI Energies Academy, at the heart of the training objectives of the Group

formationEach year, 10,000 trainees from all over Europe attend almost 700 training sessions at the VINCI Energies Academy, a 1,200 m², purpose built training facility located in Montesson (Yveslines), France. This is just 15% of the total training conducted each year within the VINCI group. The network of the Academy covers the whole world: United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Indonesia, Morocco…

The VINCI Academy makes available for all our employees, more than 120 customised, instructor-led or e-learning courses. These courses are the fruit of collective exchanges between in-house talent and invited experts and covers all of VINCI Energies’ areas of expertise and business activities. This transference of knowledge is at the heart of VINCI Energies culture and often sees training given by project managers, directors, administrative and accounting staff as well as other employees of the group. This transmission of knowledge is at the heart of the VINCI Energies culture.

Mobility: an opportunity to progress


At VINCI Energies, we encourage all our employees to share their aspirations with us so that we can offer them the right opportunities to advance their careers. Such opportunities include: mobility across 1,600 Business Units within the group, new working environments, different business activities, new responsibilities and more. This mobility within the VINCI Energies group allows us to retain and nurture our talent, leading to a valuable networking of skills and contributing to the exchange and dissemination of ideas. We believe that a successful mobility project is a benefit to both the company and each one of our employees.

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