What the VINCI UK Foundation means to me

Four VINCI Energies UK & RoI employees present their chosen charities and explain how their experiences as sponsors have affected them personally.

Michelle Goscombe, support engineer, Twyver

The charity I’m sponsoring is The Family Haven in Gloucester, which makes a huge difference to people’s lives. Some of the people who go there are living in B&Bs or come from abusive relationships and feel very much alone, but at The Family Haven they know their children are safe in the nursery and they can take part in workshops to develop skills, build their confidence, make friends and feel part of a community. The VINCI UK Foundation granted them £3,000 to redevelop their website, which will make it easier for vulnerable families to access information and to encourage volunteers and donations. I’ve donated clothes and nappies myself and have been speaking to friends and family about it because they do rely heavily on volunteers and donations. I would also like to get involved in their refurbishment plans when they get around to it. I’d heard lots about the VINCI UK Foundation’s amazing work in the past, but this was the year I decided I wanted to be part of it. To be able to help The Family Haven and give back to the community means the world.

Janette Jenkins, senior administrator, Actemium Birmingham Automotive

My charity is Arts4Wellbeing, based in Llandysul in Wales. They help rural communities come together, talk, and learn an arts and crafts activity. Sarah, the director, is my husband’s cousin and I always knew what they did, but I saw on Facebook one day the trouble they were having with their old vehicle. So I got in touch with her and said ‘I’m going to send your our foundation details, please read it and apply’, which is what she did. I nearly cried with joy when I knew they’d got the £10,000 grant to buy a new van with easy-load crates because I knew what it was doing to them physically and mentally. They are not now suffering with bad backs and if they’ve got big projects, they can put a lot more equipment into the van to take to all areas. This is the second time I have been a sponsor and it’s a small way for me to give a little bit back to someone else who can help a wider community. It’s nice for me to say I have helped somebody.

Steve Mosley, Information & Communications manager, Omexom UK

“I’m sponsoring Streetsport, part of the Denis Law Legacy Trust, who provide sports activities for kids and adults in socially excluded areas of Aberdeen. They received £6,000 from the VINCI UK Foundation for portable floodlights to take around the city and safer storage equipment for their vehicles. I’ve always been interested in team sports and even used to coach in my local village. Once the pandemic settles, I’m hoping to go and help the Streetsport team with some more coaching. I think all sports are a great leveller – regardless of your ability and background you can get involved, interact with people, and build your confidence. Streetsport is the third charity I’ve been involved with through the VINCI UK Foundation and what’s so fantastic about it is that we get to help out practically beyond the donation. We get to meet some wonderful people, see how the money is being spent and the difference it’s making.”

Trevor McClay, Business Development account manager, Actemium Automation Nottingham

“The charity I’m involved with is Canley Community Centre in Coventry. Being a deprived area, there is a lot of poverty in the community and people don’t tend to eat very well. The people involved in the community centre could see this and wanted to run classes to teach people to learn to cook from fresh and provide healthier meals to their kids. I was very pleased to be involved as I have a bit of a passion for cooking and I do believe we should be cooking more and with fresh ingredients. The community centre received £7,200 from the VINCI UK Foundation, which they used towards refitting the kitchen. There was a hold up because of COVID but it has now been completed and I’ve been invited to go and see the finished article now that restrictions are lifting. By getting involved in projects like this, it strengthens the links with our local communities and allows us to use our skills to help, for example, I’ve been involved right the way through with my project management skills. I also have quite a few relatives working for Howdens, who are a large kitchen supplier, and I was able to negotiate a good discount and personal friend of mine, who is a kitchen fitter, also got involved and gave them a very good deal. I would like to say a huge thank you to Howdens Kitchens and also Vince Ward who installed the actual kitchen because without their input the project would not have gone ahead.”

More details can be found at www.vinci-uk-foundation.co.uk.

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