Kelvin Power: leading provider of specialist products and consultancy services to the power industry

Kelvin Power was established in 1993 and specialises in substation design and the design and manufacture of structures for the global power industry and renewable energy sector. The principal areas of business are substations, onshore connections, cable studies and transmission lines. Kelvin Power also provide project development services including the negotiation and delivery of legal agreements required for energy projects. Based in Leicester, Warrington and Perth, the company is able to serve a wide UK customer base and employs 35 staff.

Kelvin Power

Established in 1993, Kelvin Power provides expert advice and design solutions to the global power industry and the renewable energy sector. Kelvin Power’s areas of expertise include substations, onshore connections, cable studies, transmission lines (OHL), HV cabling and power project services.

The Kelvin Power group operates through two business units. Kelvin Power Structures designs and supplies buildings, enclosures and steel and aluminum structures for HV substations and transmission lines. Kelvin Power Consultants provides specialist engineering consultancy services for substation and HV cable projects.

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