VINCI UK Foundation donates £3,000 to Northern Ireland based charity Flourish

The VINCI UK Foundation has donated over £3,000 to support Flourish – a charity dedicated to supporting those affected by human trafficking.

The VINCI UK Foundation has donated £3,000 to Flourish to help purchase 50 laptops and 10 smartphones – enabling survivors of human trafficking, migrant refugees, and asylum seekers to learn basic computer skills as well as undertaking English lessons. 

“Many of our clients come out of situations of exploitation with very little possessions. In order to be able to rebuild their lives and to live freely and independently, having access to IT equipment and knowing how to navigate online safely are key.  Being able to give someone in need a laptop or smartphone can make such a difference in their life! It enables them to build a new and safe life for themselves and their family. Flourish is very grateful for the support of the VINCI UK Foundation in making this possible.” says Lisa-Marie Pusch, Fundraising Officer. 

The charity provides long-term, tailored support which helps survivors overcome trauma and help rebuild their lives. Based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Flourish’s main work consists of helping survivors navigate challenging areas such as mental health, finances, education and housing. In partnership with CODEC, a large I.T Managed Services provider, the funding provided by the VINCI UK Foundation will help purchase I.T equipment so volunteers can teach clients and survivors how to navigate the internet safely. 

(From left to right: Kirsty, Lisa-Marie, Glenys and Emma) 

In addition to the financial contribution, Flourish will receive the support of a VINCI UK Foundation Sponsor, Caoimhe McCreanor from Omexom who will support the charities I.T skills classes.  

I was first introduced to Flourish NI by a friend who was completing a marathon and raising funds for them. It was really shocking and eye-opening for me to learn how many people rely on these services where I live.” said Caoimhe, “I immediately decided that I wanted to be a part of the solution and help in any way I could and reached out to Jill Robinson and Lisa-Marie Pusch who helped to create the application for the VINCI Foundation. 

Flourish NI have been coordinating an IT Course with CODEC where I will be able to contribute by presenting various IT skills and supporting the clients over the course of the eight weeks.” 

The VINCI UK Foundation was founded in 2016 with the mission to strengthen communities by improving access to employment, housing and mobility for society’s most disadvantaged and vulnerable people. 
Since then, the VINCI UK Foundation has combined almost £1.3 million in financial support with the practical skills and expertise of VINCI employees to help over 240 charities or community projects championing social inclusion across the UK and Republic of Ireland.h 
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