Incredible Careers: Jack, Account Manager at Axians UK

Hi Jack, can you finish the following sentence: ‘My business is an incredible company to work for because…’

We make a strong impact on our customers. Some of them come to us to kickstart their security journey, trusting our expertise to guide them. We focus on building lasting partnerships, understanding their unique challenges, and tailoring solutions that seamlessly fit into their operations. Our transformative work not only affects us internally but also leads to positive changes for our clients.

Axians also gives me the freedom to treat the business as my own, encouraging me to contribute to positive changes from within. This feeling of responsibility and empowerment makes my professional journey incredibly rewarding.

Give us an example of a time where you have been supported to achieve your best in your career with us.

I would say being part of the VINCI Energies Accelerator Programme, which is a one-year program designed to give us all the soft and hard skills needed to fulfill our potential and become the future leaders of our business. Connecting with people from different business units broadened my perspective and introduced me to diverse projects. The collaborative nature of the program not only enriched my knowledge but also has allowed me to forge strong bonds with colleagues across the organisation.

VINCI Energies UK & RoI is an organisation made up of incredible teams both large and small. Tell us about your incredible team and what it is like to work with them.

I absolutely love my team! Whether it is the friendly banter in the office or collaborating on joint campaigns with other teams, there is always a positive and collaborative spirit. Despite having different sub-teams, there is a unified goal, and everyone is willing to support each other. It is the blend of friendship and professionalism that makes working in the sales team at Axians such a dynamic and fulfilling experience. On a more personal note, when a colleague faced a family emergency, witnessing the entire team rallying to support him showcased the genuine care and solidarity within the team.

At VINCI Energies UK & RoI and our associated businesses, we are ‘transforming our world through the digital and energy revolutions’. Please tell us how you (or your team) are helping us to achieve that goal.

Our role in IT and Operational Technologies (OT) is pivotal to the broader vision of transforming the world through digital and energy revolutions. We play a crucial part in providing focused support to our customers, guiding them through the intricacies of digital transformation. By helping to secure their environments, we alleviate the pressures faced by different teams, allowing them to focus on what they love about their jobs. This goes beyond the technical aspects; it is about simplifying the complex, ultimately changing the way companies view and implement technology. It is this transformative impact that fuels our commitment to our broader goals.

Finally, can you tell us in a few words why you are proud to do what you do?

I am proud because we are not just selling technology; we are alleviating the pressures faced by different teams. Whether it is taking away the mundane tasks or helping them focus on what they love about their jobs, we contribute to making their work lives better. It is about being part of a larger narrative where every action, every project, contributes to positive change. That is something to be proud of – knowing that our work does not just stop at providing solutions but extends to making a meaningful impact on the daily lives of the teams we serve.